Humour has long been considered as a marketing tool for BtoC (Business to Consumer) only. Humour was not really accepted on BtoB websites (Business to Business). However, humour makes it possible to stand out from the competition, to be forgotten a little less quickly. Humour makes users react and encourages them to share content on social networks. Humour is nowadays more and more integrated in BtoB content strategies, but there are rules to follow. Integrate a little humour into your digital strategy In order to use humour on a website, it is better to review the strategy of your entire website. If we want to put a little humour in the texts, we must first ensure that the article fits[…]

The benefits of laughter on our physical state are known, we all feel better and happier after a good laugh. An over oxygenation that promotes blood circulation and muscle relaxation makes it an excellent anti stress; laughter is good for your health! But does laughter have its place in the serious world of work? No doubt: humour can increase the pleasure of work and the motivation of teams. There are still precautions to take when introducing humour in your company. Humour is not yet widespread enough in companies 83% of employees think humour has an important place at the workplace, while 40% feel that humour is not present in their structure. (Source: study made for “The little treaty of humour[…]